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Terri Luneau Talks Nature with Students
Author Terri Luneau talking to an elementary school class
Terri Luneau, author of the children's book Big Woods Bird: An Ivory-bill Story, visits elementary schools around the country to tell students the story of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, the southern swamps, and their inhabitants.
Her programs are interactive, informative, and FUN!

Students listening to author Terri Luneau
Terri's presentations are customized for different grade levels and can be tailored to complement current curriculum. First and second graders will want to pick up binoculars and head to the swamp. Third and fourth graders will become more aware of the consequences of habitat destruction and the need for conservation. Older students will be inspired to use their own unique talents to pursue career paths in conservation, biology, art, writing, and publishing.
For fee information or to schedule a visit, contact Terri at Kury Lane email


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