The pictures on this page were taken in the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge, where the camera system developed by Ken Goldberg, Dez Song, and their co-workers was installed on 10/26/06. There are two cameras facing in opposite directions. Each camera can take 11 frames per second of a 3-megapixel image. The only images stored on the hard drive are those images in which pixel changes were detected that might indicate a bird (or birds) flying by. They have done sophisticated algorithm development to try to eliminate "non-bird" events, such as clouds or leaves blowing by. We check the results of this camera system regularly.

The Latest in Remote Camera Technology

from 10/28/06

First, thanks to the Arkansas Electric Cooperatives for installing a transformer and 120V system to power the camera.

Power supply and warning sign


The two cameras point in opposite directions along a power line right-of-way.


Two remote cameras

The view to the west...

The view to the west

The view to the east...

The view to the east

Dez and Ni make some final programming adjustments.

Dez and Ni looking at their laptop