Tips for reviewing Reconyx camera images


For those of you who have Reconyx cameras (or any other source of thousands of photographs to review), I thought I would share some things I have learned that may help you speed up your review of these images. These instructions are for a Windows PC using the XP operating system. If you are using a Mac or a different Windows operating system, some of the ideas may still apply, but the steps will likely be different.

Copy all of the images from the card into a folder on your computer.  Hint:  don’t “delete” the files from the CompactFlash card; reformat the card instead using the Reconyx Silent Image software.  Deleting 2GB of files can take several minutes while reformatting takes just a few seconds.

File namesI prefer to rename the ".000" extension on the folder to a three- or four-letter naming scheme that I have used on my camera deployments.

Go to and download the FREE "Irfanview" picture-viewing software. I previously used Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, but Irfanview has some significant advantages (see the bottom of the page). The download and install process is very fast and easy.

Open with IrfanviewRight-click on the first file in the folder, choose "Open With...", and select "Irfanview":

You can then hold the right arrow and the pictures will open and close like a time-lapse movie. 

Irfanview menuIf you need to back up as you are reviewing, just press the up arrow or the left arrow. If you want to zoom in on a particular image, click on the magnifying glass with the “+” near the top of the page.

When you have reached the end of the files in the folder, the program will start over at the beginning and continue through all the files again.  It’s a good idea to check the date and time occasionally as you review the pictures.

If I find something interesting, I like to make a sub-folder and copy just the pictures of interest into that sub-folder. That way I can quickly go through my many folders of pictures and find the interesting stuff without having to refer to a list of files and hunt through them.

Miscellaneous deployment tips:

Irfanview advantages over Windows Picture and Fax Viewer: